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Vision - Everything custom

At stykka we believe that people should be surrounded by furniture that suits their needs. Our mission is to help people create furniture that help them in their everyday life. 

Rethinking how furniture is made, bought and used.

In th 20th century furniture was something the buyer picks from a catalog. We prefer to give the users more freedom. We use the term goal driven furniture. The user describes their needs and dreams. We create a custom piece and send a digital model to approval.  This helps ensure that what we put in production is a design that our clients like. For bigger productions we also offer a VR inspection of a design and a prototype run.

Digitalized production, parametric, opensource and virtual reality

Furniture is normally mass produced industrially or handcrafted. We combine the best of both worlds. The craftsman's possibility to create a unique piece that will fit the users needs with the scaling and compelling pricing of mass production. This is done by creating our designs digitally and parametric. This gives us the possibility to remake and tweaks designs instead of starting from scratch. All of stykka's design is open source. This enables other creates to twist any of our designs to fit their own needs. Since only a few people have the skills to create their own furniture we used VR in the co-design process and involve our users hands-on in the design process.