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We got a thing for workspaces.


Custom Office Furniture


Your business is unique—show it!

Everyone adopted the open office plan, but few did it with elegance. People rushed to the catalogs and bought more or less the same furniture they had in their cubicles or private offices: boring filing cabinets, and desks of dubious quality.

We’re solving that by designing and producing unique office furniture solutions for companies that want something different.


Planning Help & Production

We can 3D scan your space, furnish it in collaboration with you, and visualize the final solution in Virtual Reality. This generates internal buy-in from stakeholder groups, and aligns everyone on a shared vision. Even the ones afraid of change!

Our furniture is produced using Lasers, CNC robots, and more than 30 years of danish design furniture production heritage by tapping into some of the best furniture factories in Denmark.


Goal Oriented

Got a specific priority on your mind? We can work with that!

You decide which combination to optimize for: quality, look and feel, brand impact, employees per squaremeter, stakeholder buy-in, price, or simply wouw factor! Whatever your goals are we actively work towards making you succeed!



  • Design and production of furniture.

  • Help with planning and interior design.

  • VR sessions for select stakeholder representatives.

  • Interactive plans for stakeholders and employees to generate interest.

  • 3D scanning for accurate planning and visualization.

  • Onsite installation.

  • 3rd party furniture: chairs, lamps, etc.

  • Private web-shop for easy reordering and spare parts.

Stykka was a great help in achieving our goals
— Claus Ziebrandtsen, CEO, inQvation

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High Quality Materials

We offer materials of the highest quality. You can choose between a range of different cores and top layers to give you the look and feel you want.


Risk-Free Production

By utilizing VR we allow our customers to inspect their designs virtually in 1:1 scale before starting the production.


The most sustainable materials are the ones you never use: upcycling your existing furniture makes sense for the environment and your bottomline. In addition our materials are sourced in an environmentally responsible way.