We are Stykka

Stykka is a Danish brand that has set out on a journey to digitalise the way we design, manufacture, and buy furniture.

We are Stykka
We are Stykka /
About us

We have utilised the newest technology to create a digital manufacturing platform that allows us to bring high-quality designs composed of responsible materials directly from our factory to the consumer, lowering the price and avoiding overproduction.

No waste, no stock, no nonsense. In collaboration with some of the world’s most skilled designers, we rethink all the products we touch, from the perfect workstation to bed units in large-scale student housing.

Stykka is a Danish brand that has set out on a journey to digitalize the way we design, manufacture, and buy furniture.
Stykka projects
Stykka projects /
Our stories
01DTU Student Housing

Together with PensionDanmark and Scandibyg Stykka has crafted the interior for 478 units at Denmarks Techinical University.

Stykka clients
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We help brands achieve better
Stykka Custom
Stykka Custom /
The future of Built-in furniture

Our technology approach enables us to design and manufacture long-lasting, maintenance-optimised interiors for buildings and we service a range of leading architects, building owners, operators, and real estate developers in Denmark.

We are delivering affordable, sustainable, and timeless interiors that remains functional and attractive over time, preserves its value and will not need frequent repair or replacement.

Stykka community
Stykka community /
Open source

We’re changing the future of product creation. We believe in open source as not only a design practice but also a community-building tool that enables us to continually improve our products and services.

We are on a mission to build a truly democratic furniture movement! Stykka Open™ is a community where we want to invite everyone to join us in making a more responsible furniture industry.

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