19.750,00 kr 15.800,00 kr
19.750,00 kr 15.800,00 kr
The world’s first 100% circular workstation
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19.750,00 kr 15.800,00 kr
19.750,00 kr 15.800,00 kr
The world’s first 100% circular workstation
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About the product
About the product /

Together with Søren Rose Studio we’ve crafted a desk that can adapt to the world as well as your needs. LastDesk is a modular design that lets you customise your workstation to always suit your current demands.

Because of that, LastDesk might just turn out to be the - you guessed it - last desk you’ll ever need. The desk is made with responsibly-sourced materials that can be disassembled and reconstructed again and again.

LastDesk is the world’s first 100% circular desk, designed with components that can be repaired, replaced or upcycled in an endless, circular motion.
Made to be remade

LastDesk is constructed to work with you. The modular design allows you to repair, replace or recycle all components in order to prolong the lifespan of the desk, minimise waste and prevent good craftsmanship from ending up in a landfill.

Made from responsible materials

LastDesk is made from high-quality materials like Scandinavian FSC100 Birch Plywood, CO2-neutral Forbo Linoleum and upcycled steel components.

All materials are locally sourced in Scandinavia. LastDesk has been awarded with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel - the highest possible standards within sustainable furniture.

Made for the future

The modular design of LastDesk helps you unlock the ideal workspace. The many plugin options means you can easily customise your desk to fit your ever-changing needs and the constant technological developments within home office furniture.

We call LastDesk the “Swiss Army Knife” of desks, as a matter of facts. It’s the ultimate desk for the user with many demands that are bound to change. Choose a wireless charger plugin, a monitor arm or even an integrated Sonos speaker to kit your work setup with.

What it looks like
What it looks like /
Increase productivity

Clutter affects your brain as well as your work. You’re setting yourself up for failure if your workspace is in disarray, your office supplies  are a mess and you’re not facturing in proper posture either. LastDesk will set you up for success instead - literally. The sit-stand frame is optimized for ergonomics, which will help boost your productivity.

  • Dimensions: 148 x 74 cm (58 x 29 in)
  • Adjustable height: 56 - 122 cm (20.0 - 48 in)
  • Dual motor system
  • 20 year mechanical warranty

From DKK 7,500.00 Ex. VAT

For every LastDesk sold, Stykka plants a tree. It’s our way of giving back to nature and making sure our production is founded on a sustainable platform.
What it looks like
What it looks like /
  • Details
  • Surface

    Forbo Linoleum 4177 Vapour Grey
  • Edges

    FSC100 Oak Edge banding
  • Plugins

    Oak tray, Cable lid, Linoleum Covered lid 
  • Extra

    Stykka Cable Tray
  • Frame

    Linak Desk 1, Coulour Black
Technical specs

  • Wireless fast-charging

    A built-in 10w Qi charger lets you charge Android and iPhones directly on the surface of the LastDesk tray module.

  • Built-in laptop charger

    Get the Stykka Power Upgrade with a high power 60W USB-C charger which will power most new laptops. Allowing you to leave your heavy charger at home

  • Visual interface

    The LED control unit tells you the exact table height and suggests when to change seating positions.

  • Anti-collision

    LastDesk is made to prevent collision when adjusting the table’s height. The built-in anti-collision technology warns you when the desk is close to hitting a solid object.

  • Low standby power

    The chipsets in the motion controllers uses ZERO technology to lower standby power consumption to just 0.1W.

  • Bluetooth control

    Get the Stykka Power Upgrade with a high power 60W USB-C charger which will power most new laptops. Allowing you to leave your heavy charger at home

How it works
How it works /
From Order to Office
01 /
Zero waste production

We’ve built a completely digital manufacturing channel in order to avoid overproduction. Once you’ve placed your order it will be printed within 4-6 weeks. We only build what our customers order, which eliminates a great deal of waste.

02 /

After your custom LastDesk has been manufactured, we ship it directly to you. All Stykka products are shipped as flat packed - it saves space and minimises CO2 emissions.

03 /

You don’t have to be a certified handyman to set up your new workstation. An hour an a screwdriver is all it takes to set up your LastDesk. So easy - just like working will be sitting at your new workstation.

04 /

Our competent support team is ready to assist you on all weekdays from 8 AM to 4 PM. If your desk unexpectedly doesn’t live up to your expectations, it’s possible to return it and get a refund within 100 days of receiving your original order.  

Design /
Made just for you

If you browse our site you’ll notice we say things like “unique”, “custom” and “personal” a lot. That’s because every design built through Stykka’s digital manufacturing network is made to order. How is that possible? We’ve set up a smarter supply chain which allows us to bring high-quality designs to you at a fair price.

We don’t serve an expensive network or physical retail stores, and we don’t have any distribution warehouses. We only produce items for the orders we receive. Everything is made is Denmark and shipped directly to you. So when you buy a Stykka product, it’s made with you in mind - and only you.

Design /
Designed by Søren Rose

For our LastDesk product, we teamed up with renowned Danish designer Søren Rose. The Søren Rose Studio helped shape a desk that draws on a long tradition of simplistic yet functional Danish furniture design. Today, the lines between our work life and home setting are more blurred than ever.

Our aim was to make a workstation that can bind the two settings together without compromising any of them. The elegant and sculptural appearance of LastDesk ensures it’s a good fit both at home and in an office setting. 

Stykka stories
Stykka stories /
As seen at Simple feast

Simple Feast is a startup on a mission to change our eating habits towards more sustainable alternatives. Every week they provide on-demand vegetarian and vegan meals to thousands of customers in Denmark, Sweden and California. Oh yeah, and the meals are all organic. Simple Feast approached Stykka with a desire to redo their office setting and create the perfect work environment for their employees on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen.

One of the things we factored into the solution was Simple Feast’s need to attract and retain top talent in a startup market where the competition is fierce. That’s why we chose to put emphasis on a creative, laid back atmosphere with furniture to match that. Check out the result here.