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We use Stykka's design platform to optimize the manufacturing, and minimize waste, and deliver fully circular products for the built enviroment.

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Building a circular future

We have utilised the newest technology to create a digital manufacturing platform that allows us to bring high-quality designs composed of responsible materials directly from our factory to the site, lowering the price and avoiding overproduction.

We are set on smarter manufacturing of furniture and smart-construction elements for the built environment. We are here to radically change construction and the way we build with data, software, and technology. 

Today a third of all waste comes from the construction industry. We want to put an end to this and help speed-up the transition towards more circular and responsible construction.
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How we work
How we work /
Digital platform

The Stykka platform is cloud-native and makes it easy to design and configure building blocks directly via our plugin for the architect’s CAD software and the integrated price calculator makes it easy to predict the total cost of a project at all times.

The platform is the backbone of our tech and enables manufacturing files to be shared with subcontractors. It keeps a database of all parts, delivered to all projects. It also holds our Maintenance platform, explained in the next slides.

Standardized building blocks

Technology makes mass-customiszation easy and scalable, and drives overall cost reduction and efficiencies in the construction industry. Our system is based on standardised, parametric building blocks which can easily be adapted to an individual project.

Each building block has a digital twin that in Stykka’s parts database. As a result, e.g. broken parts can easily be reordered and replaced directly by anyone, without the help of costly external service providers.

Sustainability management

Our tech focuses on material-efficient design and responsible manufacturing. Also, it takes product life-cycle-management into account and allowing for refurbishing, replacement, or disassembly to extend the lifespan of products designed with our system.

In this way, technology can help the industry bring sustainability to the bottomline.

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If you are interested in a sustainable custom designed interior, please contact Jarl Vindnæs:

We build sustainable customs designed interior for larger construction companies.
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