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We believe in open source as not only a design practice but also a community-building tool that enables us to continually improve our products and services.

Stykka Open™
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We are on a mission to build a truly democratic furniture movement! Stykka Open™ is a community where we want to invite everyone to join us in making a more responsible furniture industry. The open-source model could potentially transform all manufacturing industries, from medical equipment and mobility to power generation.

We see open-source sharing and co-creation as the natural next step in a digital transformation that is already upending global production and providing access to new, specialized knowledge everywhere. Closed business models and closed innovation environments are of the past – the future of product creation is open and inclusive.

We’re changing the future of product creation.

Stykka is part of the ambitious OPEN:NEXT project together with leading institutions across Europe. By sharing ideas and knowledge openly on digital platforms, we will establish new collaborations between companies and consumers together with the 19 partners from universities, makerspaces and SMEs.

The industries in focus include eco-friendly mobility, consumer electronics, and built-to-order furniture. Together we are developing the future of Open Source business models and trailblazing new territory. You can read more about the OPENNEXT project here.

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