Økoskabet /

Økoskabet is a reinvention of the farmers market, bringing fresh organic produce straight to the consumers in urban areas. Their customers order fresh fruit, vegetables or eggs through an online store which are then delivered to their local dropbox, ready for them to pick it up the day after. It removes the uncertainty of the traditional supply chains and the farmers can eliminate food waste by only picking the vegetables that have already been bought. 

Just as Økoskabet, one of our core values is to minimise waste and produce more sustainably, so when Økoskabet approached us to help them design and manufacture their dropboxes we didn’t hesitate to say yes. Through our digital manufacturing we prototyped, optimised and tweaked the design for the wooden dropboxes.

Using wood for the containers instead of traditional materials such as steel, significantly reduces the carbon footprint because the carbon dioxide that trees remove from the atmosphere is stored in the wood. It also has the added advantage of being renewable as well, which means it has sequestered carbon and each of Økoskabet’s dropboxes has removed 5,399 kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.