inQvation coworking space


InQvation, in collaboration with Kompleet, chose to design and customize a wide selection of furniture. The designbrief given requested individual numbered desks, compact private space in an open area and to maximize the number of desks for each of the dedicated areas.

Private spaces in a open area




“With inQvation we wanted to create an attractive environment for talented entrepreneurs and innovation-savvy organizations. It was also important for us to build a welcoming framework that is both inspiring and thoughtful..”

Claus Zibrandtsen, CEO


The final tables measures 140 x 72 cm. A birch plywood is the base of all table tops to match the required cost structure. The top surface is made of high quality Formica laminate, for durability and comfort.

Should more space be needed an extension of 20 x 72 cm can be added on either side of the table with no use of tools. The extensions are coated with whiteboard laminate to double as a notepads.

Each table is electrical height adjustable with a small control unit, which also feature Bluetooth so users can connect with the smartphone, and save their prefered height when changing desks often in a coworking space.

The felt back and side panels provides privacy and improve the acoustics of the space. Each back panel feature 35 small holes to hang objects or mini shelves so long term guests can decorate their space. Side panels can be removed without tools to engage more directly when working in teams, and easily put back in place when focusing.

To ensure order and provide good service for both short and long term guests, each table is numbered and branded with the InQvation logo. Each table comes with a cable tray to hide away the electrical spaghetti. The metal brackets for the panels are branded with the InQvation logo.

Aske Doerge